Dutch Balls

Dutch William of Orange became King of England after the “Glorious Revolution” in 1688, what led to the introduction of Dutch Balls (also known as Bitterballen). The round variant of the Croquette, introduced by Lodewyck XIV in Holland.

This is the famous savoury snack, a (meat, fish, vegetable or vegan) ragout, rolled in bread crumbs and deep-fried to serve it hot. 330 years later the Dutch Balls are back in England!



The Story

Angelo-Dutch Balls (Bitterballen) are back!

William of Orange was born in 1650 as member of the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau. 

After the Glorious Revolution in 1688, he was crowned King William III of England, (Billy in) Ireland & Scotland in 1689.

He was a major trendsetter in art, culture & food. Introducing his savoury snack in London, with great success!

“Please share, they’re tasty and best beside a drink!”

The Peace of 1697 marked the end of the war with Lodewyck XIV and William formed an Anglo-Dutch alliance. 330 years later;

Anglo-Dutch Balls are back in the U.K.